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Hot off the race track

Posted by MattCJ on 26 October 2012 | Comments

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'Gentleman, start your engines'.
I don't know about you, but if this was my car and I'd spent an extortionate amount of money on returning it to it's former glory, I'm not sure I'd want to throw it around a track at neck-braking speeds 'just for fun'.
But that's what the owners of the beautiful Ferarri Daytona love to do. Whatever you think about cars, you can't ignore the beauty and skill of craftmanship which has returned this once unloved vehicle to it's former glory. The workmanship is spectacular and even if, like me, you don't fully undertand what all this means, it still sounds damn clever; Converted to Group IV Competizione specification from a road car in the mid-seventies by Swedish Ferrari dealer and racer Ulf Boman, and extensively campaigned through the 70’s, ‘80s in Europe and subsequently in the USA. Returned to the UK early 2011. Race prepped by Ian Gwynne at BGMSport. Some of the works recently undertaken by our very clever clients are;

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Pretty Ugly

Posted by Matt Connors-Jones on 7 March 2012 | Comments

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What an eye openner. Seeing cars (or transit vans in this case) actually being built is a real treat (expecially for someone who sits behind a desk fall day colouring in). Ok, so the robots don't have a mind of thier own like in the films, and the sparks don't fly but it's still an inspiring place to be. Working on this special little brief (which I'll divulge once it's live) has got me thinking about how much beauty there is in industry. I remember being an avid reader of the Russian Constructionist movement whilst I was studying. I've always been a believer that form should follow function, that things should exist for more than aesthetic beauty alone.

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